Thank you to the following industry professionals, bloggers and other reviewers for their comments and testimonials about our 3-D props and decoratives, scale model replicas, fake and artificial rocks and trees, interior and exterior signage, theatrical standees and other visual merchandising accents from Silver Cloud's design and fabrication manufacturing group.

UPDATE: As with manufacturing operations throughout North America and the globe, our industry is undergoing a dynamic period of mergers, consolidations and closures.  Although we previously included a variety of testimonials from our past and current clients on this page for review by visitors, it has become apparent that to continue our competitive advantage we felt it necessary to remove the majority of our testimonials here which referenced brand-specific clients. Thank you for your understanding!

We are one of the world's leading full-service 3-D prop, sculpture and decoratives design and fabrication groups for retail and trade show displays and exhibits, mobile and special event experiential marketing, entertainment industry projects such as theater standees, point-of-purchase displays, restaurants, casinos and resorts, museums, theme parks, church theming, children's hospitals and other public and private clients internationally.

"...A faux rock to highlight a rugged or outdoorsy display"

"There comes a time in most retail designers' professional lives when they need a rock. Not just any rock, but a good faux rock to highlight a rugged or outdoorsy display. (Silver Cloud) creates a collection of realistic-looking rocks, boulders and even tree stumps. Made of construction-grade cast stone, the rocks and stumps can withstand the rigors of retail traffic, but are hollow and lightweight enough to be shipped via FedEx or other ground delivery service."

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Dinosaur Retail Prop