Silver Cloud's professional design and fabrication group specializes in creative visual merchandising solutions for retail and trade show displays and exhibits, theatrical standees, themed environments, special events and point-of-purchase displays.   Our diverse talents and full-service capabilities allow us to provide our clients with unmatched quality and affordability. Please click on any category photo or headline below for more images of select past projects that reflect what we offer clients.

We strive to captivate target audiences with stunning and visually appealing 3-D props, retail floor and window displays, theatrical standees, decoratives and themed signs and environments. Full size, miniature size, gigantic size...we can also duplicate your product, company logo, prop or concept in exact detail for the desired scale and reproduce it individually or in large quantity orders! Nothing grabs the attention of moviegoers, shoppers, diners, guests or passersby better than detailed scale replicas on permanent, temporary or mobile display indoors or outdoors. VIEW PHOTOS >>>

Maximum creativity and full-service capabilities were needed for this project that required flagship retail store-level dedication to blending the founder's dreams and demanding design expectations with consumer anticipation. The popular reviews of the completed job--and profitable sales results after the grand opening--were proof of the importance of a 3-D prop and fixture design, fabrication and installation partner who is organized, competitively-priced and fiercely dependable in the pursuit of brand-building retail floor and window displays. VIEW PHOTOS >>>

We take all projects seriously, but especially enjoy opportunities to work on more playful and imaginative ones involving cute creatures, fairy tale trees laden with apples, sci-fi aliens, movie super heroes and villains, monsters, mascots and whimsical 3-D characters and props for theme parks, theatrical standees for movie marketing, children's hospitals, retail store floor and window displays, trade show exhibits, mobile and special event marketers, museums and other clients and venues. VIEW PHOTOS >>>

We're specialists in the design and construction of rock cliffs (wet and dry), waterfalls, creeks and other water features that transform interior and exterior settings into magnificent nature-themed environments for retail stores, entertainment and shopping centers, restaurants, museums, zoos, theme parks, resorts, casinos, corporate offices and campuses, golf courses, and residential developments in North America (minimum $100k budgets) and internationally (minimum $200k budgets). VIEW PHOTOS >>>

Create a statement, reinforce a theme, provide direction, or establish an identity with interior or exterior architectural elements and signage designed and fabricated by our truly talented team. Big or small, we can do it all for resorts, restaurants, corporate offices or campuses, amusement parks, special events, sports stadiums, casinos, concert stage backdrops, trade show booths, retail store floor and window displays, mobile and experiential marketing promotional tours and more. VIEW PHOTOS >>>

Visual merchandising, exhibit and theatrical set and stage designers can more quickly and affordably create themed environments for trade show, exhibit and retail store floor and window displays with our selection of the most popular faux, fake and artificial tree bark, wood and masonry brick, rock and stone panels. Durable, lightweight and realistically detailed, they're the easiest and most cost-effective way to duplicate what construction crews take days or weeks to accomplish! VIEW PHOTOS >>>

Life-sized 3-D sculptures and statues sheathed with LuminOre liquid metal coatings are the revolutionary new way to achieve what previously was only available using the expensive and time-consuming bronze and aluminum foundry process. From individual commissions to quantity orders, it's now possible to affordably replicate logos, seals, sculptures and more in a variety of metal finishes for retail floor and window displays, corporate offices, restaurants, resorts, sports stadiums, entertainment complexes and other locations. See these projects by clicking on the photos at left. VIEW PHOTOS >>>